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Resources For Enrolled Student Homework

The following posts are useful to students currently enrolled at Agile Arts Atelier. As you progress through the curriculum, I'll refer to these as useful references during the appropriate project.
Supply list / Materials List 
- Amazon link to purchase textbook for Charles Bargue drawing course
- Paper folding link for "Drawing Edges" lesson
- Lessons in Perspective: Cylinder ,
- Useful tutorial for red project by Brian David MacNeil
- For grisaille, glazing and alla prima painting projects, visit the video links section below
- Notes for Henry Hensche style Key Light Painting (see also "Key Light" on videos page)
- Limited palette skin tone mixes by Matthew Innes

Video Links (outside resources)
There is no replacement for studying directly with a teaching artist focused your individual success.  But, every student can benefit from these additional links that I've shared on my blog over the years. Students are encouraged to watch these before and after the corresponding in person lessons here at Agile Arts Atelier.

Art Techniques
End to End Process (Drawing, Ink in, Umber,  Imprimatura, Dead Layer, Color and final glaze)
Bargue Copies
Sculptural Thinking when shading Bargue drawings
Key Light Color Studies 

Dan Thompson Life Drawing Demos
Kurt Schwarz Demo
Daniel Keys

Inspirational Talks
John Cleese on Creativity
Alla Prima Painting
Elizabeth Gilbert

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