Caravaggio (Image and Video - techniques)

Caravaggio described here on Wikipedia was a 17th century narrative painter who used subjects of his own time in his visual stories. The strong lid and shade format of his paintings also make them great subjects of study for academic painting students.

My personal favorite is this painting of the taking of Christ which I'd like to copy/reproduce someday when I have the time.

In the video below historians propose various Techniques Caravaggio might have used.


The Mother Artist Project : DEBBY LUCILLE BIRD

The Mother Artist Project : DEBBY LUCILLE BIRD: What is your name? Debby Bird Where are you from? I grew up in Pippa Passes, KY a city with an official population of 532 (2...


Workshop: The Power of Painting With a Limited Palette

Saturday January 24th through Sunday January 25th 2015
with teaching artist Tricia Cherrington Ratliff 

Learn to create powerful compositions using a limited palette to explore subtlety and drama in your paintings. This workshop prepares artists to make stronger paintings using a limited palette of colors. Tricia will teach options that simplify the work of color so that the mind is able to focus on one idea at a time and make more powerful compositions.

Using classical techniques we will do a series of activities that strengthen a painters approach by learning to mass values, build realistic 3D volume, use grisaille and improve decision making in order to create color illusion with very few pigments. Students will also learn to leverage the important skill of deciding what to leave OUT of a painting.

Through these interesting and fun exercises you'll create multiple, small limited palette paintings in a row. In doing so, you'll learn to make active decisions about the use of direction/movement, weight, light, strong rendering (including the simplified modeling of forms) and temperature to make even a small paintings feel more powerful to the viewer. The workshop will also introduce the pros and cons of various "limited palette" options (or recipes) to help make good decisions about which colors to lay out before beginning any painting.

Through increased confidence and focus, you can put restrained power and pop into your paintings.

To register, contact workshop coordinator
Debra Keirce