Agile Arts Atelier - Supply List for Drawing and Painting Lessons

Materials / Supply list for Agile Arts Atelier

Contact the teaching artist with questions: Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

Basic Drawing Materials

  • Grey Paper 
  • #2, #4, #6 and #8 Charcoal Pencil (Generals brand is very good) 
  • 3 White Generals Charcoal Pencils
  • Soft VineCharcoal  (get at least one large one the size of your finger and some smaller ones ) 
  • 1 small hand held pencil sharpener
  • Stumps (A stump / trillion the size of your thumb is ideal but smaller ones work too) 
  • 2 Kneaded erasers
  • Painter's tape (You can get blue painter's tape at home depot) 
  • Chamois (this is a soft leather/suede chamois, not the synthetic one you use to clean a car) 
  • Full set of graphite pencils ranging in hardness from at least 4H or harder to 4B. For example, a typical drawing pack might include 8b, 6b, 4b, 2b, hb, f, h, 2h, 4h, 6h. 
  • Hand Wipes / Baby wipes for cleaning hands (optional)
  • Ruler or any straight edge
  • Knitting needle or metal BBQ skewer
  • Sketch book (for your own use)
  • At least 4 large sheets of grey toned paper (Canson's Mi-Teintes works well)  (charcoal, drawing or pastel paper in either bound or loose form) 
  • Drawing board (optional at this time but will be required later)

Advanced Drawing Materials (buy later)

Burnt Sienna Watercolor Paint in tube
High Quality Sable watercolor brush
Mi Tienes Cream colored paper
Denatured Alcohol
Amber Shellac
Read preparing paper for red chalk 
Drawing board

Oil Painting Materials 

Painting lessons begin with colors marked (LP) for “Limited Palette” below. Students eventually progress to “Full Palette” of all colors below which may include the optional colors. When purchasing paints avoid anything titled ”Hue” or student paints such as “Winton”. 

  • At least 5 smooth texture primed canvases in various sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 and 18x24 
  • Grey gesso: Some of your canvas will need to be toned in advance with thin wash of gamblin #5 grey acrylic gesso
  • High quality bristle filbert and flat brushes sizes  #4, #8, #12 #16 (silverbrush grand prix are great) 
  • 3 small round brushes in sizes 1 and 2 (These are for detail work. So, beginners can bring 2-3 round synthetic brushes. Advanced painters should bring High quality Red sable or mongoose filbert brushes in small size)
  • Glass palette with case and cover (Masterson brand rectangle) 
  • Walnut oil
  • Palette cup with lid (small glass jars with lids will work)
  • Thick rolls of soft paper towels (Soft blue shop towels or “Viva” brand works well)
  • Gamsol (optional but quite useful) (turpenoid is ok, no turpentine allowed) 
  • Glass scraping/cleaning razor (available at hardware stores)
  • Brush cleaning soap or product 

Transparent Red Oxide (LP) or burnt sienna
Raw Umber (LP)
Alizarin Crimson 
Quinocridone Magenta
Cadmium red bright/light or Vermillion (LP)
Cadmium orange
Peralean red 
Naples yellow (optional)
Indian Yellow  
Yellow Ochre 
Azo Yellow (LP) or Cadmium lemon 

Viridian green (optional)
Cadmium green light (optional)
Cinnibar Green light (optional but useful)
Thalo Green (optional)
Thalo Blue 
Cobalt Blue  (optional)
Ultramarine Blue (LP)
Dioxazine Purple or Violet (optional) 
Manganese Purple (optional)
Burnt Umber (optional)
Fastematte Ivory Black (LP) 

Cremnants white (Zinc, Flake or Lead)
Titanium white
Fastmatte Titanium White (LP)

NOTE: If you have studied with other teachers, there should be natural overlap between this list and those of other teachers ( Danni Dawson , Dan Thompson , Steven Early , Sherrie McGraw , David Cheifetz , Rob Liberace , Kurt Schwarz , Tony Ryder , Rick Weaver,  Angel Academy , Florence Academy of Art , Zoll Studio , Schuler School of fine art , schools or ateliers , David Leffel , Grand Central Academy , Art League , Art Students League , and many other schools or artists listed on the Art Renewal Center list of ateliers and art academies )

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