Oil Painting and Drawing Lessons in Northern Virginia with Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

Oil Painting and Drawing Lessons 

in Northern Virginia 

Call 703.593.6444

Topics include:
- Solid Foundations in Drawing
- Oil Painting
- Master copies
- Grisialle
- Modeling 3D forms in light
- Color
- Composition
- Still Life
- Plein Air Landscape Painting
- Portrait (advanced)
- Narrative Painting

I teach students to create beautiful, lifelike, realistic drawings and paintings using a combination of time honored classical techniques mixed with contemporary color methods. 

If you study here, your journey will begin with a set of 4 private lessons and a review of your personal artistic goals. As you practice and demonstrate mastery of each new drawing and painting concept you'll graduate at your own pace through each level of the program. At each step, you can move as quickly or slowly as is appropriate for you. 

Call to visit the studio and determine whether these lessons are a good fit for your artistic goals. 

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