Atelier in Northern Virginia: Art/Drawing Lessons and Oil Painting Lessons

Study Realist Drawing and Painting
Agile Arts Atelier, Northern Virginia
Location: Reston/Herndon


- Drawing & Oil Painting lessons
- Classical and Contemporary Realist Techniques 
- Open to Adults and Teens of any experience level who are dedicated to skill improvement
- Small semi-private group study (no large classes)

Atelier students begin with a series of lessons to establish a strong understanding of light on a solid form, perspective/ellipses, transferred light (glass), complex form, notan/value patterns and the foundations of composition. 

This is followed by copying a series of progressively challenging drawings in charcoal and graphite by great 15th - 18th century artists artists like Titian, Rembrandt and Charles Bargue. During this process, students may leverage additional studio time to explore a variety of materials for drawing and sketching (chalk /cante, charcoal, loose graphite, and monochrome watercolor). 

By next working on 2-5 drawings and paintings from plaster casts and other light monochrome objects students learn to render form in an ideal environment free from confusion about color and movement. Here, subtle temperature shifts in painting can also be approached with only 4 colors (black, white, red and yellow) to create realistic work. 

With a strong foundation of drawing and grisaille paintings, students then work with a limited palette of color on one or two realist still life paintings of non living objects. A variety of primary and secondary colors are added to the palette as the student develops a deeper understanding of color through color studies and glazing projects. 

Throughout the entire course of study, students develop a command of their own materials and techniques, and are able to explain their choices with confidence. They also have opportunities to discover and express their personal narrative as accomplished artists.  

Students are also invited to attend separate workshops on important topics such as: Landscape Painting (Studio and Plein Air) , painting perishables, portrait commissions, composition, figure painting, gesture drawing, florals, working with galleries, business skills, and advanced contemporary color. 

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