Recently Delivered to Broadway Gallery

5641 B General Washington Drive - Alexandria, Virginia 22312 Hello Everyone,

I have been delivering new paintings to Broadway Gallery in Alexandria Virginia including these two 18x24 florals which arrived yesterday as part of the upcoming spring floral show.  The paintings will eventually be shown on their website but are available now to see in person before the official show begins.

You can reach the gallery at 703.354.2905 or by clicking on the link above.


Recently Sold and Just Delivered: "Nostalgia"

My painting "Nostalgia" that appeared in the 2010 Elan Magazine article recently sold.

As a special treat for his wife, the collector asked me to deliver it as a surprise on her birthday. Tonight, I had the exhilarating pleasure of delivering it to his wife Carolyn along with a personal letter explaining the symbolism of the painting (which is about the perspective of a woman as she thinks over the time of her marriage. )

Carolyn's husband Mike carefully selected this because he wanted to surprise her with something meaningful. He immediately saw a connection between the doll sized dress form in the painting and a doll his wife cherishes. I was so pleased that she pulled out this doll explaining that she's "not an objects person" but remembers this doll nostalgically from her childhood. I love the fact that in addition to learning what the artist intended, they also brought their own meaning to the painting as a couple !


Tricia Cherrington-Ratliff represented by Ventana Fine Art in Santa Fe

Hello Everyone,

I'm excited to announce that my paintings are now exhibited at Ventana Fine Art gallery at 400 Canyon Road, Santa Fe New Mexico. You can now see my paintings featured on their website below:


We love New Mexico and visit multiple times per year. Our most recent holiday included fun excursions to the mountains, historic towns and an exciting week in Santa Fe visiting the galleries that we love.

Ventana is a selective gallery that carries the work of some famous painters so I am both humbled and honored to be among their artists. The piece below called "Reaching" an 18x24 oil painting will immediately be available along with my other paintings at Ventana. The other paintings will be pictured in upcoming posts. If you or anyone you know visits Santa Fe, I would be thrilled to hear that you stopped by to see the work.

I have also recently switched to a new website and hope you'll visit http://www.TriciaRatliff.com/

To get early updates and see images fresh off the easel, sign up for my newsletter: http://tricia.fineartstudioonline.com/email-newsletter

First Lesson Drawing Tutorial ... see Julia's version!

Hey Students!  I can't believe I just stumbled across this. Take a look. It's so nice to see a sphere drawing tutorial on-line that mentions both the importance of the terminator along with the graduation of the half tone on the lit side of the object. If you've taken my drawing class and this looks familiar ... bravo!

Take a look. Thanks to Julia for posting and for taking the time to create the corresponding images!!



Must See Principle Gallery Exhibit: The Expedition and Beyond

The Three Fates, 30"x40", oil on panel, by (c) Terry Strickland
The Women Painting Women (WPW) blog started out as a research project by Sadie Valeri that engaged the interest and support of Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel. Now, Terry Strickland's painting called "The Three Fates" (to the right) captures these women as architects of something greater than themselves. It also gives us insight that we may be audience to an important point in art history. But WPW has also already outgrown it's original blueprint. It has become a story of collaboration and unexpected community with many surprises as the events unfold. 

One major moment in this story was when twelve of these talented women came together for a 2010 figure painting retreat in Charleston, South Carolina. They lived and painted together for a week while their work was exhibited nearby at the "Women Painting Women" show of over 40 female painters at Robert Lange Studios. Given that most of these women didn't know each other before the journey makes this story even more compelling. (read Sadie Valeri's account of it here with blog posts by other participating artists at the end) 

Alia describes the week with awe: "I don't think any of us expected how profoundly we would be impacted by the expedition." Diane adds, "The different things that we each took away from the experience run the gamut." 

Alia explains that she was personally moved by meeting other artists she respects, including Catherine Prescott who, like Alia, is married to another artist. "Seeing how she has thrived, illustrated for me that a life in art is not a short-lived thing. It is sustainable! Art and life are experienced together over a lifetime." This wisdom gave Alia confidence that in her later years, she will still be just as passionate as she is now about creating and being around art with the people she loves.

You need only look at the feelings of quiet isolation reflected in Alia's painting called "Space Between"   (an image of a solo woman sitting quietly, hands folded, wearing white in a window showing the cool and empty winter landscape outside ) to understand how important these personal changes and connections are to an artist.

In addition to their profound discoveries, these women also enjoyed simple shifts that can influence an artists' work. For example, Diane Feissel reports that "One artist discovered her love of oysters on the trip and has completed many paintings about oysters since."

Where’s the Tabasco? 12″ x 16″ oil by Cindy Procious
You'll see this range of influences in the current exhibit at Principle Gallery, 208 King street in Alexandria, Virginia. The opening reception is Friday April 13th, 2012 from 6:30-9:00pm. The exhibit continues through May 15th. "The Expedition And Beyond" A Group Show of Thirteen Women Artists (click here to purchase the catalog) is a unique and one time opportunity to see the art these participants have created as a result of their experiences together. As the show's subtitle explains "these artists continue to be challenged and inspired by each other".

So, this is more than just an exhibit.  

The complex web or artistic influences and interactions among artists is often invisible to outside observers. Yet, we can sense that something special has occurred. This is your opportunity to be audience to this important unfolding story. The personal connections between these artists is just as exciting as the work itself. When Sadie Valeri began exploring the impressive art of female painters, she couldn't have imagined what was going to happen next ... so none of us can predict where this will lead.

At least we are fortunate to recognize a little piece of artistic history as it happens. 

Participating Artists:

Alexandra Tyng – Narberth, PA
Alia El-Bermani – Cary, NC
Catherine Prescott – Harrisburg, PA
Cindy Procious – Chattanooga, TN
Diane Feissel – Philadelphia,
Linda Tracey Brandon – Phoenix, AZ
Mia Bergeron – Chattanooga, TN
Rachel Constantine – Philadelphia, PA
Sadie Valeri – San Francisco, CA
Stefani Tewes–Laguna Beach, CA
Terry Strickland- Pelham, AL
Katherine Stone – Duncan, BC
Shannon Runquist, Charleston, SC

Catalog available: http://www.matterdeeppublishing.com/books/the-expedition-beyond