"Their Future" ... a painting linked to my future

I'm making baby steps toward those larger paintings with purpose.

Thank you to everyone to came to my exhibit last weekend. For those who didn't make it, here is one of the feature paintings that motivated me to share new work in this private setting. It is a simple narrative painting called "Their Future". I've spent a lot of time thinking about not only the legacy I'll leave to my own grandchildren but the legacy we leave to future generations who will have a great responsibility technologically and scientifically as stewards of an ever changing world. For those who might consider it trite because it's been said before ... consider that sometimes the most common ideas are also those that are enduring. They are enduring for the very reason that deep down we universally know these ideas should be part of our daily decision making processes.

A few years ago, I made a major life decision to give up other pursuits in order to focus on my art in order to eventually leave a legacy of meaningful paintings to future generations. With that decision, I discovered how many great artists have mastered realistic painting techniques and was inspired to pursue the same level of excellence so that my paintings wouldn't lack anything in credibility. I want the focus to be on the art ... without distractions of technical weakness or other issues. That alone it turns out will be an on-going lifetime pursuit.

I noticed back then that many artists were prioritizing meaning (or concept) over technique while others emphasized technique over meaning. I aspired to be an artist who marries the two in my multi-figure narrative paintings ... even while my own work was not yet at a technical level that satisfied me. But it has been a pleasure to see the great things others have been doing (see earlier post).

After years of "talking about it" but not feeling capable yet of accomplishing it, I decided earlier this year that even if I'm not ready, I need to give it a try anyway just to see what's possible now. So, I started simple with the painting above.

Then, when someone forwarded David Gluck and Kate Stone's blog post to me this morning ... I thought "Well, NOW the gauntlet has been thrown down hasn't it? ... no more messing around". =) (LOL)

But Seriously - Thanks David and Kate! I feel that much more motivated to take the next step.


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