Recently Sold: "Steaming Tea" oil painting by Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

My recent painting called "Steaming Tea" took a short tour before finding it's collector home.

First, this painting was selected as a marketing feature painting for a recent "Something Hot" exhibit in Leesburg. At the time it wasn't varnished because I had just finished it. Then, it came along to Broadway Gallery in Alexandria to be shown during my still life drawing demo ... if you check my profile photo you'll see it hanging above my head during the demo. Shortly after that, it was selected by Ventana Fine Art to exhibit in Santa Fe.

From it's first days, the painting has gotten a lot of attention and many people approached me to share their enjoyment of it. Their responses ranged from the warm feeling it evoked, enjoyment of the flowing steam and curiosity about the technical aspects of painting that hot red. Your responses to the painting have made it that much more special.

So, when I met the collectors who purchased it during the Historic Canyon Road Paint Out, it charmed me to know where it was going. It will hang in one of the homes of a very warm art collector couple here in Santa Fe.

Goodbye Steaming Tea ... I'll miss you but have enjoyed our time together.

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