Great Days in Santa Fe

The weather in Santa Fe has been AMAZING! It's cold at night but beautiful each day here. A few artist friends and I are hoping for good weather tomorrow because we'll be outside painting in the Historic Canyon Road Paint Out. I also delivered a new painting to the gallery today ... and will share a photo of that in my next newsletter -> http://tricia.fineartstudioonline.com/email-newsletter

This trip has been wonderful. I've been staying in a great adobe home just four blocks from canyon road. Adobe has an insulating quality that catches the daytime sun and keeps the home warm all night. I find this fresh, quiet air so soothing.

Poem: Landscape Painting by Theresa Ann Moore.

Brush strokes with tints, line, and texture
From an artist’s palette willingly surrender
Lending to interpretation of visual conjecture
With inspired mastery they convincingly render

Focus and purpose of intent adhere to the surface
Locking in the impressions of sunlight and shade
Leaves on trees shimmer with coolness beneath…
Near a curving brook that invites an ankle deep wade

Veiling clouds give movement to the atmosphere
A mountain of strength is admiringly proclaimed
Flowering trees bloom and scent the tranquil air
The completed painting will forever stay the same

As the landscape of reality changes day by day
Skies turn to gray and become a menacing threat
Storms with burnishing winds mercilessly obliterate
Streams overflow as trees stand in naked silhouette

Return to the consistency of yesterday’s serenity
Seek the gentle warmth of the season and reminisce
Captured images are sustained within the picture frame
Calming with a tender embrace and a comforting kiss