Cylinder Perspective

Here's a great little video on the basic principles of creating a cylinder in perspective.


A little Plein Air fun

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I enjoyed a little change from studio painting and spent a few days outside Plein Air painting country farms in Virginia. Here is the painting I finished today. The weather was scorching hot but fortunately, I found a breezy hill near a barn overlooking this cute little shed. I instantly fell in love with the tuft of hay falling out of the window and set up to paint for a few hours.


Drawing Lessons / Oil Painting Lessons in Northern Virginia

Recently, I've received many new inquiries about the private lessons and workshops I offer. This seems like a natural time to share some details to help you decide if that classes I offer are a good fit for your artistic goals.

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- Drawing
- Oil Painting
- Realism / Representational Art
- Still Life, Floral, Landscape, Portrait, Figure
- Development of your personal narrative
- Color 

At the Agile Arts Atelier, there are two main learning tracks. Each is tailored for your needs.

Professional Skill Development Track 
This track is most appropriate for students who are working to develop outstanding realistic drawing and painting skills. By learning both classical and contemporary realist methods students are enabled to develop their own artistic voice within the genre. First year studies begin with a disciplined drawing approach. This transitions into monochrome painting which leads to limited palette painting and the use of contemporary "high key" colorist oil painting methods with a focus on narrative composition.  (Includes homework assignments) Tuition begins at $50/hour and students graduate to learning groups which are $50/day plus free studio time outside of class for those in advanced standing.

"Paint-Along" or "Draw-Along" Track
The "Paint-Along" or "Draw Along" learning track is for artists of any experience level who enjoy drawing or painting  as a hobby and want to continue growing their skills by seeing a side-by-side demonstration each week. This learning approach is a great way to gain studio experience,  have fun, learn useful new tips and get hands-on help to create finished drawings and paintings every time. (Homework is not required.) Tuition is $50/hour.

Note: Both tracks begin with a private assessment with the teaching artist followed by a series of 5 private drawing lessons. After completing this short "intensive" series, students meet with the instructor to review goals and select the most appropriate path for your needs. Call to schedule your visit.  

Call 703.593.6444 for a free private assessment.   


Bargue Drawing Copies

With a handful of new students coming into the Agile Arts Atelier, this seems like a good time to post videos like the one below showing the construction of a Bargue drawing copy.  In addition to what you've learned in our lessons about materials, measuring lines and angles, plumb lines, simplifying the form, blocking etc. you might watch this video to get a sense of how gently and slowly to approach your drawings.