Recently Sold and Just Delivered: "Nostalgia"

My painting "Nostalgia" that appeared in the 2010 Elan Magazine article recently sold.

As a special treat for his wife, the collector asked me to deliver it as a surprise on her birthday. Tonight, I had the exhilarating pleasure of delivering it to his wife Carolyn along with a personal letter explaining the symbolism of the painting (which is about the perspective of a woman as she thinks over the time of her marriage. )

Carolyn's husband Mike carefully selected this because he wanted to surprise her with something meaningful. He immediately saw a connection between the doll sized dress form in the painting and a doll his wife cherishes. I was so pleased that she pulled out this doll explaining that she's "not an objects person" but remembers this doll nostalgically from her childhood. I love the fact that in addition to learning what the artist intended, they also brought their own meaning to the painting as a couple !