Imagine Painting the Mona Lisa ... standing next to the master

Check out today's article in The Art Newspaper below.

The Prado revealed a beautiful copy of the Mona Lisa ... possibly painted by a pupil in Da Vinci's studio.  At first, I didn't believe my eyes because I've spent time looking at the Mona Lisa in person and it is not as beautiful as the painting below. It's still hard to imagine that varnish alone on the version in the Louvre is potentially hiding details and light effects similar to this version. Look at the skin tones ... the hair ... the shirt details ... none of those are visible through the varnish and protective glass over Leonardo's painting. Even the beautiful sheer layers of the shirt sleeves come to life on the cleaned version.

The AP Video at the end of this blog post is short but shows the best view of her clothing.

Read the full article here -

A detail of the nearly conserved Prado copy of the Mona Lisa.       Photo (c) Museum Nacional del Prado 

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