Artists-on-Art Magazine ... worth your attention

I was so pleased to learn from Daniel Keys about the new on-line magazine called Artists-on-Art.

Take a look. This is what an on-line magazine today should be.

- Focused on content
- A balanced mix of informative and inspiring articles
- Clean and uncluttered with visually pleasing layout (this is a welcome relief)
- High quality images
- Easy navigation between on-line articles using hypertext
- Option to download pdf version for off-line reading is also very useful
- Editors embracing opportunities for other media like videos and reader commentary
- Priced accordingly

Artists on Art is fortunately focused on peer to peer content rather than heavy advertising because the business model isn't burdened by the high cost or risk of producing and shipping printed copies. If they continue with the same quality and continue to expand the use of different media (video, reader comments, cross links, slideshows etc.), then I look  forward to future issues! 

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