Drawing - Statue of Shepherdess

Here is a new drawing completed recently over multiple sittings. One of my private study students and I took this opportunity to draw this wonderful statue right before delivery. I so enjoyed it that I'm sharing it here with you.

Statue Shepherdess
Three color chalk
by Tricia Ratliff
www.TriciaRatliff.com (contact information available on website)


Welcome to Spring - Original Oil Painting of Daffodils / Narcissus

Welcome to Spring Everyone! 

My sweet hearted son was so overjoyed to see this first sign of spring that I let him cut them and bring them into the studio to be painted.  We had the most enthusiastic conversation about the different parts of a flower, the beautiful colors and why they come up after the snow melts. Now, they remind me not only of this wonderful season but the unashamed joy of youth. I imagine them as three children from the same family. Similar in appearance but each one is unique. 

Daffodils, the Wonder of Spring - Oil Painting by Tricia Ratliff

Daffodils, the Wonder of Spring
Oil Painting on Panel
by Tricia Ratliff
Available at Broadway Gallery in Alexandria VA


Cute Video of Duane Keiser Painting

I've been painting oranges lately so my husband and I got a kick out of this video of Duane Keiser painting. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Antique German Crock and Mandarin Oranges

A warm little composition of a wonderful new antique vessel I purchased from a german antique shop in Leesburg. I *love* the color of the glaze and the way it is worn off the body of the pot.

9x10 (or 9x12)
oil on board
Broadway Gallery


Video Demonstration

Here's a very nice (short) video demonstration by Giovanni Lucifero of how to work up from a drawing (and corresponding grisaille) to the glazed color layer on a painting. This is only one of many ways to paint but I think it's valuable to see how the progressive steps work together.


Drawing Workshop - follow up

Thank you to everyone who attended the "Drawing with Confidence" workshop. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed working with you. What a great group you are!

Here is an image of the short (unfinished) drawing demo for your reference. This sketch has already sold.

I always enjoy seeing how students progress so please feel free to send your photos. Visit this blog (or my website) regularly for more information about upcoming learning offerings. As you can see from the photo, I'm pregnant and expect to be delivering a baby soon.


Your Own Custom Portrait Drawing

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

As some of you may know, I am focusing on a series of drawings this year (2011).

In addition, I'm creating custom portrait drawings in graphite, charcoal and 3 color chalk. If you are interested in having your own custom portrait drawing created call the phone number on my website to arrange a sitting.

PRIVATE DRAWING LESSONS: If you've been looking for an opportunity to strengthen your drawing skills, this is also a good year to take private drawing lessons. I currently have only 2 private lesson spots available and would love to hear from you. 5 private lessons will make a dramatic difference in their ability to render strong 3D forms quickly.