Oh those wonderful realists.

It's always a pleasure to peruse the websites and work of artists creating beautiful work. Cultural movement happens through conversation and I am constantly seeking to be involved in the wider conversation of how we artists may use our work to communicate powerful ideas and values. I write this blog based on my own belief that the things that entertain us in a larger community of conversation are the things that help us learn ... so here some of the sites I'm visiting today for entertainment. Enjoy. Terry Stickland kindly gave me permission to include some of her images here!

Voice of the Tiger by Terry Strickland - 33x32 oil on canvas
Detail of Terry Stickland's Drawing "Oracle". 

Terry Strickland's blog.

Jacob Pfeiffer 

Ken Marlow

Warren Chang

David Cheifitz

Patt Baldino

Ode to Melancholy by Terry Strickland - oil on panel 24"x36

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