Trisha Adams Workshop

On Saturday, I stopped by Trisha Adams' workshop in Herndon on Color, Composition and Clarity. The students, having braved the freezing rain benefited from their dedication to art. In addition to a short painting demo, Trisha also gave a wonderful powerpoint supported talk on color handling to create a pleasing and harmonious effect in your paintings.

She suggested an exercise that any one of us would find beneficial: Spend time mixing complements of unusual colors. For example, if you find a lovely but muted grey violet, figure out how to mix that color's complement in the same value.

Trisha explained that this not only helps you to create pleasing images by pulling together colors that love each other but also helps artists create vibration in a painting when complements of the same value are juxtoposed in a painting.

Another great tip was to play around with this tool if you are trying to come up with a color scheme for a painting - ColorSchemeDesigner

Trisha is full of useful advice ... for more, take her next workshop.

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