Friday, September 23, 2011

NOW OPEN: Horizons School of Art ! (Ashburn Virginia)

This might be the best news that our local art learning community has had all year. Jonathan Linton has just opened a new Art School in Ashburn Virginia . Adult classes are on Tuesdays and it's convenient to the Dulles Toll road. Check the website above for more detail and notice that the Tuesday night class will give you plenty of time to drive from work, grab dinner and still be on-time for class.

Below is a copy of Jonathan's most recent e-mail.

Horizons Art School 
Dear Tricia,
For the past year and a half I have been working on launching a new art school, along with my co-founder Lynn Kanen, with the focused goal of expanding each student's ability to visually communicate effectively and make great art.  The sequential curriculum focuses on understanding the fundamental elements and principles behind good design.  Initially I will be teaching 3 adult classes at the school:  Watercolor & Drawing, Figure Drawing (with an emphasis on learing how to create dynamic multi-figure paintings), and Oil Painting.  

Please  check it out

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