Golden Section

When I first learned about the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, I recall experiencing a feeling of peaceful satisfaction while considering all of the places they naturally appear. So, whenever I stumble across new explanations of either (like the one below) I try to save a link to it.

When I stumbled across this link (yet another one) I just had an image of myself as a sort of virtual pack rat, and this blog is my parlor packed with links, piled like newspapers from ankles to elbows. =)

These simple formula's make fractals, seashells (like the image above) and other patterns seem magical. I always enjoy considering that magic until upon consideration I suddenly find myself embarrassed by the realization "of course the human body and just about everything can be broken down into increasingly duplicating intervals - They are constructed through cell duplication or compilation - nothing could be simpler." Then, I lose interest for awhile, until I stumble across a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing and my senses are stimulated again.

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