Do artist's really eat that well?

I was having lunch with a friend who said he imagined an Artist's life as one of sitting around with other artists, talking about philosophy, eating fabulous food and drinking great wine because we would emerse ourselves in all things artistic ... and food is an art.

Others have asked "Do artists really eat that well?" when they see our paintings.

The answer ... it depends.

There are plenty of hungry artists out there who must use their hunger as inspiration for drama in their art.

But, for this not so starving artist - the truth is - Yes! I love to eat well and enjoy art in many forms.

Our job description includes wandering through farmers markets (or gardening) to find the freshest, most beautifully colored radishes, peaches and other luscious treats. If we walk by a bakery and smell fresh bread that can also be used for a still life setup, why would we resist? It's a matter of being practical.

Being someone who is inspired by many things simultanously, I usually find more to paint than I can possibly capture within a few days. They must be eaten. So, when I look in my fridge for a quick snack during a painting break, it's not hard to throw together a mixed green and herb salad with hard boiled eggs, alvecado, apple, strawberry, cheese, blueberries, pralined pecans only to add a few pre-processed items like roasted turkey and a can of water chestnets.

On the other hand, I have to admit - I've also missed a lot of great flavors because they took too long to paint. Last year, I purchased about 15 mini mandarines that were so juicy and buttery, they melted in my mouth. With the leaves still attached, I couldn't eat them all before painting a few of them. One painting led to another and before I knew it, I had a set of miniature dried oranges in the studio. So, one might also argue that we can't always eat that well. Sometimes you do have to suffer for your art. = )

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