On the Easel - On it's way to Broadway Gallery Shortly

As many good friends know, I don't have much time lately to paint - as we have a new sweetheart of a baby. But, I am finding time to finish previously promised paintings and commissions - and loving it!

Here are two photos of a painting on the easel today. It's an 8x10 designed to go with my earlier onion painting and will be delivered to broadway gallery in Alexandria shortly.

Initial Sketch

Current Painting

I could paint this elephant garlic repeatedly if I didn't have other paintings due right now. I love the white crispy wrapper and shape of the cloves.

My camera recently stopped working (uh oh!) . So, sorry for the poor photo quality photos are they were taken on my phone.

Approach and Colors: I started with a transparent oil sketch to establish the composition and shadow shapes. Then added the darks and step by step built up to the lights. This was completed with a limited palette of Transparent Red Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Lead White and Indian Yellow (I used two kinds, W&N for the transparent areas and Vasari for the opaque areas). Oh and I did use a dash of cad green light with cerulean to get some of those knocked down shades of blue green. 

I'm still painting in a "low toxicity" environment. So, I wear gloves and don't use any turp, gamsol or other OMS - just paint and a tiny bit of walnut oil to clean my brushes.