Kids Are Awesome: Anson Berns on Art

I just stumbled across this little video of a young boy named Anson Berns talking about art (he's taking art classes at Studio Neptune in Bethesda). At first, I was just enjoying it as a parent who values seeing kids develop their interests ... but as Anson continued to speak, it was such a pleasure to hear him beautifully sum up how he (and probably most people today) connect(s) with art in the simplest terms possible.

Interviews with Artists: Anson Berns from Studio Neptune on Vimeo.

As artists we can only hope to capture the amazing beauty and reality of life - but children *are* themselves among the greatest creations ... I dare say the greatest works of art on the planet. We should cherish them (whether they are small or hidden inside adults) more than any work of art in any museum.

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