Ancient Things - My recent thoughts

Yesterday, I was speaking somewhat philosophically with a fellow painter friend and thinking of this painting while pondering the different types of work we have the opportunity to create - whether experimental, decorative, meaninful, fun etc.

This painting (with it's multiple layers of meanings) was finished at least a year or two ago while I was working on a small painting for a client who owns the little blue bowl pictured in the right corner. There are some paintings that stick with you for a long time and this is one of them. It wasn't in my possession for long ... I think maybe a few days ... but it's embedded in my mind. It's called "Ancient Things" - a spontaneous scattering of objects that felt right together. It started with this great little bowl from egypt which I imagined settling into an old box in one's basment with the tattered antique atlas, coins from the holy land and dried fall leaves scattered in juxtoposition with the hanging religious medals which are clearly hung there intentionally. The painting is about so many things that I feel it's almost better not to go into all of them - but instead just let you see it and enjoy the sense of wonder people experience when uncovering an old wooden box of ancient things in its household hiding place.

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