just off the easel (Oil Painting:Old Tales of Travel to Asia)

Old Tales from Travel to Asia

Old Tales of Travel to Asia
Oil on linen
Framed: $1500
Available at Broadway Gallery in Alexandria Virginia

It has been a fun week in the studio. Here is one of the paintings I've been working on.  I've enjoyed watching two my private study students create their own vignette paintings and drawings from this setup. The advanced students learn in this "paint along" approach where we paint different subjects side by side for multiple hours. Occasionally, some will work from my personal setup (like this) and that's always fun because we can talk about the many options available to achieve different results.

This painting was created primarily with a limited palette. First, I started with a "drawing" using ochre then added ultramarine and transparent red oxide and eventually white. Later, I added thalo and a couple of cads to my palette to finish it during the second sitting.

The idea behind the painting: I love this 105 year old map book and imagined siblings discovering it hidden in these old tea boxes full of things in an attic. A grandparent joins them and starts setting things out randomly while sharing stories of travel across asia and the random little nick knacks that one picks up or keeps along the way. In real life, the objects people group together in storage boxes rarely make sense to others. But to the traveler, they all obviously belong together. So, I added the shell and purple glass tooth powder bottle imagining these were things that left port with the traveller and eventually become reminders of personal adventures. The flowers communicate the idea that in the telling of the story, this piece of personal history is now alive and refreshed. 

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