How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist - by Caroll Michels

Happy New Year!

If you're coming into the new year looking for a kick in the pants for your art careers - this post is for you. First and foremost: learn, grow, experiment, explore and express. But, I know that's not what emerging artists are looking for when asking "How do I get my career going?" So, here's something that might help.

The book above is quite useful for new artists, students and even established artists looking for new insight about their careers.

My husband and I had a hearty laugh together when he pointed out that in an entire book about prospering as an artist, the chapter "Generating Income" is only 16 pages near the Appendices.

That alone says a lot about life as an artist. Most (if not all) of our focus tends to be on continuously developing our work- rightly so.

For artists who are newly navigating the many details of a fine art career, this book is chock full of business insights, ideas, useful sources, and opinions. You can't help but dog ear pages and make a "to-do" list while reading it. It covers everything from submitting to exhibit venues and contests to hiring an art manager and promoting your work on-line. Even if you don't follow through on everything you wish you were doing to get your work out there, if the book prompts you to do one thing better, than it's probably worth your time to read it.

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