Art Jam 2011 - That was fun!

Thank you everyone for participating in Art Jam 2011. Thank you to our sponsors: Council for the Arts of Herndon, ArtSpace Herndon and Plaza for making our public art jam possible this year. Thanks also to all of the supporters, speakers and volunteers. I loved working with every one of you.

We all had a great time this year and there was so much learning to soak up. I was blown away by so many outstanding works of art - both from the drawing session and the evening "pay it forward networking party" when you brought your latest framed artwork into the gallery. It seemed like everyone loved the panel and speaker series this year. I know I learned a lot.

For those who asked how to start an Artist's Conference Network group in our area, here's the website. They are very open to hearing from you if you call and e-mail the organizers directly. One of the experienced ACN leaders will be in the area during the week of April 11th. You might call and see if they are willing to visit us in Virginia around that time. 

Finally, anyone with photos at Art Jam - please DO SHARE. Go to my website and mail them to me. I'll post them here on the blog too. Walter Ratliff will be working on a youtube video through Agile Arts Productions. He said he might be able to incorporate a photo or two.

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