Study Oil Painting - Seth Haverkamp's class, a review by Tricia Ratliff

This fall, I participated in Seth Haverkamp's figure drawing group on Wednesday nights and got a *lot* out of it. I was amazed by how much we accomplished rendering the figure in large shapes using only cadmium orange, raw umber and white on grey canvas. See the images below - examples of 10 minute and 15 minute to 2 hour paintings.

So, I highly recommend trying out his new classes this coming January. Sign up to study with Seth while his classes are still small and you can get plenty of individual attention.

Details of Seth Haverkamp's January classes:

Painting the Figure, Starting Big - at Arlington Arts Alliance
Location: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Arlington Va. Monday nights 6:30-9:30 beginning January 10th. To register, Call 703.894.0539 or 703.533.0957 or email academy@arl ingtonartistsall Class #SH11151  - $230 for 8 weeks

Color: The Figure and Beyond - at Adam Lister Gallery 
(click on link ) Wednesday nights 6:30-9:30 beginning January 19th - March 9th. $230 at Adam Lister Gallery in Fairfax City. To register, Call 703.894.0539 or 703.533.0957 or email academy@arl ingtonartistsall Class #SH11151  - $230 for 8 weeks

Seth will also begin offering studio classes in February!

portrait by Tricia Ratliff (
15 minute gesture
by Tricia Ratliff

Students will learn how to simplify the drawing process into the essentials of dark and light shapes, emphasizing drawing the shapes of the human body using paint. Rather than painting the minutiae of bones and muscles, students will learn to see the body in large shapes of dark and light. Using a limited palette, students will paint the body according to its general shapes of light and shadow. Those shapes will be broken down into still smaller shapes, until the figure is painted, having never focused on anatomy, but rather the lights and darks ascribed by the body. This class is a prerequisite to the follow-up course, featuring painting shapes in color.

Instructor: Seth Haverkamp

Portrait sketch of Seth Haverkamp
by Tricia Ratliff

One evening, while waiting for our model, Seth (being a good sport) agreed to sit for us for 30-45 minutes. This is the oil sketch I made of Seth using his 3 color blocking approach.  It's fun, easy and the results are satisfying in a short period of time. Thanks Seth!

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