Public Domain Images

There are a number of on-going conversations, educational efforts and even debates in the art world about hot topics such as freedom of speech/expression, what is art, how do you define a portrait, copyright, royalties (or giving proper credit), appropriate content for different audiences, the acceptability  of working from photos, what makes something a hand made original (much debated among digital artists and graphic media artists) and many more!

Recently, while speaking to a friend who is a curator, we ended up talking about a number of these topics simultaneously because they impacted an exhibit at her venue.

During our discussion, she brought up the fact that many high school students are encouraged to go out and find inspiring photos to use for their practice work. She pointed out that some of these young people are going on to college and entering their work into public shows and competitions without any support finding public domain images. While I always encourage students to work from life, I can certainly understand the challenges young people face. Particularly when they don't have the luxury of a studio or sometimes even a quiet space to work in their homes.

The curator asked if I could do a post to help these students and any other interested artists find appropriate public domain images.

I hope the following link is useful to those of you who are teachers as well as students looking for resources.

And of course, just for fun, I'm including this lovely public domain image for your enjoyment.

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