Painting with Seth Haverkamp

I recently learned that Seth Hanverkamp has opened a new class at Adam Lister gallery in Fairfax Virginia.  Seth is a great painter and in an effort to support him, some friends and I signed up to paint with him on Wednesday nights 6:00-9:00pm. His influences include Nelson Shanks, Steve Early and Rob Liberace - which you'll see in his work and class photos below.

I highly encourage artists to take advantage of this opportunity to study with seth, practice your fast gestures, loosen up, learn Seth's unique approach (which at first blush seems like the approach taught at Incamminati but is actually quite different) and have fun painting in a huge, well ventilated space.

Please say "Hi from Tricia" when you get there.

Seth painting a short demo

Seth's Demo
The 5-10 minute Oil Sketch

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