Get Ready for the Artist's Trading Card Swap at Art Jam

If you're registered for Art Jam - *Congratulations!* 
If not, click on the link above. 

With Art Jam only 4 weeks away, now is a good time to start getting ready. Art Jam is most fun if you bring your portfolio or latest work (poetry, paintings, drawings, film, music to share on your ipod, photos, notebook, visual journal etc.) or work in progress. Feel free to bring your laptop! If you're not an artist, bring your business card, flyers and information about anything you enjoy related to the arts. We all love to hear about the latest workshop, class, residency, gig, event, technology, product etc. that you found interesting so bring plenty of information. 

In addition to sharing inspiration, business advice, discoveries, flyers about interesting events etc. participants also buy, sell and swap artwork with each other. It's just great fun! 

This year at Art Jam, Plaza Art Materials is hosting the first Artist Trading Card event in DC!! 
Join the Movement! CREATE - SWAP - COLLECT. Anyone can participate in this light hearted "swap" of artwork. Simply create some artwork on 2.5"x3.5" cards, paper or canvas. (Strathmore cards cut to the correct size are available at Plaza Art Materials - see more at this link )  Then, trade your artwork/cards with others and start collecting mini pieces artwork (which might be a painting, a sketch, a drawing, a collage, a stamp project etc.) of artists you appreciate. It's fun. The idea is to see how many you can find that you like and swap. You can even trade up using cards you've collected from other artists!

Pinup girl artist trading cards by Tricia Ratliff

"Pay it Forward" Networking Party:
When you arrive at the Jam, you'll find rolls of masking tape and markers. Write something you need or something you offer on your tape. For example "I offer to model for artists" or "I want to learn how to do encaustic" or "I need someone to read my latest poem" or "I'm looking for a good figure model with dark hair". Then, have a friend tape this to your back. Walk around, talk behind each other's backs and make introductions between people who might be able to help each other. 

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