Portraits - Handling a BIG smile (part 4)

My client with a big, beautiful smile had her final sitting today. What a treat. She is also hilarious so I had a great time finishing the portrait.

Fortunately, she smiled and laughed as she bantered with her fiance and I painted. As a result, I was able to capture the red in her skin and the way her eyes light up and became watery from laughter.

Although she has beautiful skin tone everywhere, I focused the color around the upper parts of her face to keep the focus on the eyes. I had also decided to leave out detail inside her mouth because I wanted to make sure there weren't too many "subjects" or areas of focus in the painting.

But, as we were wrapping up the sitting, she said the absence of detail in her teethe was distracting to her because people know her by her smile. Naturally, her teethe are a recognizable part of her smile so I took this feedback to heart and we finished with a short sitting to bring that area to a level of detail that was comfortable her her. We were both pleased with the result.

With the subject finished, I will make some final changes to her clothing and the painting will be complete. Here is a photo of the current stage of the almost finished painting.

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