More on Sabbatical as a way of life - a reader's comment

Hi Everyone,
One of my students who is a serious emerging artist sent this thoughtful in response to an earlier post on "Sabbatical an artists way of life" in which I experimented with the idea that while pursuing a profession that requires constant growth (or even innovation) some of us are planning one sabbatical after another. Consider Mridula's point about our different perceptions about what a sabbatical means and then check out her blog! (below)

I read your artical. Very nice. 
About Sabbaticals - I completely agree with you and it is necessary for everyone to consider them in their busy lives. Also on a different perspective, the meaning of sabbatical varies from person to person. I think it can be also achieved through a 10 minute meditation everyday .
For me, I get refreshed when I am learning to paint or be creative. May be the color therapy is the scientific reason behind it. but most importantly, like you said, there is no pressure to deliver like there is in any other field. ofcourse there is always a sense of improving myself, curiosity, excitement  about art around me which is more than what I would feel in a vacation. Especially looking at other's art- modern or traditional I always have the same "awe" staring at paintings for hours. thats sabbatical for me.
Well, just wanted to share my thoughts too on the subject. :)
To see Mridula's lastest painting from atelier class above and her blog at:

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