Satuday MAY 29th 6:00pm Exhibit OPENING RECEPTION

Hello Everyone,

It would be great see you at my upcoming exhibit reception. Details are below!

Original Oil Paintings by Tricia Ratliff
Saturday May 29th 6:00-9:00pm (Yes, memorial day weekend)
@ Applegate Gallery
101 Church Street, Vienna Virginia 22180 (2nd floor entry into suite C)

Exhibit continues through June 30th.

I'm very excited about sharing the art in this exhibit which will be featured in the next issue of Elan magazine. At first, I expected the paintings in this series to just be about the idea of many phases of life as you might see them in flowers or other symbols but it has evolved into something much more interesting. I've pulled together some recent paintings that are very special in that they capture a few themes that you have been seeing often in my work as it evolves. I hope you'll come learn about the symbolism which it turns out, reveals a lot more about me than I realized!

Please visit with us at the reception, read the expanded artist statement, have fun at Viva Vienna (which is happening outside on the same night) and enjoy the company of friends!

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