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Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, my recent focus on small, realist still lives has been partly an exercise to develop some specific technical skills to support larger single and multi-figure narrative paintings that I've had in mind for years. I'm in an early exploration phase and paying attention to the different options we artists have available to express our ideas.

This blog is my place to capture my own notes and share reminders of interesting upcoming events. So, posts like this one are dedicated to the things I'm capturing for my own recollection. Hopefully it will be inspiring and useful to you as well.

Each artist's name includes a link to a specific work that I find informative.

Graydon Parish (Specifically the cycle of Terror and Tragedy"

Terry Strickland

Arantzazu Martinez (or his recent painting)

I also visit the sites of teaching master artists such as:

Now that you've clicked a few links, it would be a pleasure to hear from you about the artwork that inspires you. Click on my profile above and drop me an e-mail.

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