The History of Art Jams - in Ancient Greece.

The History of the Art Jam

The Art Jams - While an awesome collaborative environment for artist's to share their latest work and newest discoveries ... are an old established tradition ... older than I realized! Check out this quote from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit which is coming to ArtSpace Herndon soon. Sent in by Becky Anzelone. (Thanks Becky!)

Greece panel 3 from VA Museum of Fine Arts:
A Celebration of Ideas
Greek city-states varied greatly in their essential character, their forms of government,
and even in the dialect of Greek that they spoke. Many different aspects of Western
culture, from architectural styles to scientific concepts, grew out of this mix of ideas and
customs. One of the most important threads in this rich heritage was the emphasis
given to human achievements. Greeks, particularly in Athens, celebrated the concept of
the individual and the importance of freedom.
The symposium, a drinking party that included poetry and music, provided an
excellent forum for exploring these new ideas and
artistic creations. Surviving guest lists of symposia
include the names of politicians and poets, soldiers
and scoundrels—as well as the three great
philosophers of ancient Greece: Socrates, Plato,
and Aristotle.
The scene that appears around the top of this
rhyton (drinking vessel) shows men enjoying a

See the following illustration at ArtSpace Herndon in March.
Red-figured Rhyton, Greek (Attic), attributed to Triptolemos Painter,
ca. 480 BCE, terra cotta

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