Art Jam Photos! "artist's underground"

More Art Jam photos!
Thanks for sharing Aivar

Great News! The next Art Jam is moving to a larger venue. The Council for the Arts of Herndon is thinking of sponsoring the next event (January 2011). The Arts community is thriving.

Thanks to Vicky Dorman!

The artist's underground started as a few artists getting together to show their works in progress and share ideas, feedback, career boosts etc. Now, it's booming with the yearly Art Jam, a weekly painting group and much more. These are exciting times.

Under one roof, we saw the freshest new artwork (and work in progress) created by independent artists from all over the DC area *plus* artwork from artists working with a diverse group of organizations: Great Falls Atelier, Alexandria Art League, Loudoun Academy, League of Reston Artists, The Workhouse in Lorton and more. It was just amazing to see everyone come together.

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