Oh - my love of walnut oil

As some of you know, I've recently switched to painting without OMS, medium and other chemicals.  What a shock. I *LOVE* it and don't know why I didn't try this sooner. First, I made the switch after assuming that I should stop painting while I'm pregnant and focus on drawing for 8 more months.

I had researched paint toxicity previously, spoken to friends with lead poisoning, breathing problems and cadmium poisoning attributable to their occupation as artists and art teachers. Given that all of the product tubes seem to contain the same warning about not using this product while pregnant, I would say my assumption was based in fact.

Then, my friend Wendy Higgins who lives in Santa Fe and other peers after her shared their stories about needing to create a "safe" or "clean" studio environment for various reasons (Kids, Birds, other pets, doctors input etc.) This all pointed me to the solution I selected for my own needs.

I have low blood pressure and did not want to deny my unborn child.

Here's the M. Graham oil color chart. You can purchase these on-line or at Plaza Art Materials.

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