ART JAM: Saturday January 23rd

Saturday January 23rd 2010
Begins: 7:00pm

Dress: Ultra Casual (i.e. wear old cloths just in case you sit in wet paint)
Artists: Bring your latest work in progress
Underground Location: E_MAIL NOW FOR DIRECTIONS!

Where artists bring their latest artwork to show and have a great time doing the things artists enjoy most - while people who love art get to experience the artist's underground.

- Artist's bring and share your latest artwork ( or work in progress )
- Exchange ideas and inspiration
- Talk about your upcoming show, class, project, installation, exhibit, challenge etc.
- Feel free to Swap / Trade / Sell / Buy work (no commission - this is for fun!)
- Bring your laptops - we google everything!
- Play a CD/DVD of your latest music/video
- Show off your website on your portfolio on your laptop, iphone etc. (Interior Designers, that means you too!)
- Musicians play your latest composition (CD , ipod)
- Take photos, shoot video, draw something
- Dance, Draw, Ponder and take Photos
- Brainstorm ideas for your next project with a kindrid spirit
- Ask someone "How did you create that effect?" or "What were you thinking?"
- Meet someone new

- Uh ... we haven't figured that out yet so don't tempt us.

Although this is a private studio event, you are welcome to bring friends you trust. If we've forgotten anyone - let us know - these jams are not organized - they just happen.


Walter's Book - "Pilgrims on the Silk Road" - Published and Ready in Time for Christmas

Walter Ratliff's documentary and corresponding book "Pilgrims on the Silk Road" (just released!) has developed a large following around the country over the last 3 years. He will be speaking at conferences in Kansas and Boston/Harvard during his book signing tour in 2010.

Visit Walter's blog to find out how to order copies for Christmas.

If you'd like to bring a book signing to a bookstore or mennonite church near you, e-mail Walter at the address below to see if that location can be added to the tour. walterratliff@gmail.com

Recent Floral Painting

Hi Everyone,

Here's a recent floral painting for your enjoyment while I focus on my skyscape paintings for an upcoming gallery exhibit up north in April 2010. Once the 2010 exhibit contracts are finalized, I will post gallery solo exhibit dates for you here (and on my website).

I've also agreed to exhibit a 30 painting solo show at the Manor house at Green Springs Garden park from March 7th - April 26th in support of their mission of horticulture and wildlife education. Please come out and enjoy the park, the paintings and this beautiful manor on the green. If you love to attend teas, I have heard there will be a formal high tea schedule on the closing day of my exhibit (Monday April 26th) at this location.


How to Digitally Photograph Your Artwork

How to Digitally Photograph Your Artwork
ArtSpace Herndon, Saturday 23 January, 9am-noon

One of the common reasons why artwork is rejected from juried exhibitions is that the submitted photographs do not accurately capture the artwork – they don’t adequately capture the color, subtleties of light and shading, or have some other technical flaw that impairs the communication of the artist to the jury. In extreme cases, the submitted image may not meet the requirements of the jury process, and be rejected out of hand.

Even more difficult issues exist for web portfolios – will web viewers accurately see what the artist has created, while conforming to reasonable expectations for web page loading times?

This class is intended for practicing artists who want to learn more about taking digital photographs of their painting, sculpture, or other artwork, so that images capture the artwork more accurately for web display or for electronic jury submission.

The class will discuss:
• how to light your artwork for photography
• how to set up your camera to capture color as accurately as possible
• what other equipment can improve the taking of your photographs
• how to perform adjustments on the computer in a systematic, color managed way
• how to format photographs on the computer to meet standards for ZAPP, Juried Art Services, and the recommendations of the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA)
• how to adjust photographs for the web

Slides and other presentation materials will be made available electronically for future reference.

Student ages: any

Class fees: $75 per student payable at registration

Materials and supplies: Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring their camera and owner’s manual, and one piece of artwork, for hands-on practice at the end of the workshop.

To register: Call ArtSpace Herndon at 703.956.6590