Phillippe Faraut sculpture video - meth amorphasis

Sculptor and teacher Phillippe Faraut of Grand Central Academy in New York transformed one of his sculptures on video to make a point. It's called "Meth-amorphasis"

Other Sculpting Tutorials and Videos by Mr. Faraut:

Slideshow of his work

Ageing Process



"Sub" Culture Gallery

If you've ever considered opening an art gallery in a high traffic area, here's a great video to consider. Enjoy.


New Liberace Video Clips

Hi Everyone,
I'm in Rob's anatomy workshop this weekend and learned that he put some clips from his upcoming video series on youtube. Here's the link. Enjoy.

I immediately noticed that the video on the second clip below is more a accurate depiction of his work than any of the still photography I've seen. You can see significantly more shimmer and variety in his color on the video than the still photos.


Simple Taboret for Painters

Painters - Here's my design for a simple taboret that can straddle your easel. It has just enough space for a palette, a few brushes and cup of terpenoid. Total cost - $11 each. You can buy tray tables for less ... but the reason I like these is that they line up neatly, stack well and double as a wall of shelves.

22"x11"x1" (top)
20"x11"x1" (shelf)
22"x8"x1" (brace)
30"x11"x1" (sides)
2"x4"x11"(optional 2x4's at base of sides for stability)

Screw the top, sides, shelf and brace. We're making a few of these for my studio because they stack.

The shelf should be 10 inches above the floor.


Awesome Interactive map of DC Art Scene

Looking for something new or something to do in the DC art scene? This map rocks! It takes 40 seconds to load/show up ... wait for it ... it's worth it.

CommunityWalk Map - Washington, DC Art

Spread the word ... as more people find it - it will become populated with everything "Artsy" in the area.