Microscopic Art

I love this - microscopic art.

Mclean Artist Thomas Cranmer e-mailed this to me. Thanks Tom!


Free e-book on Still Life Painting

Although no amount of reading can replace the benefits of actual painting practice, it's often useful to see and read different points of view. This free e-book is actually a series of short articles about painting still life. Select the link below and you can download it free.



Larry Kagan's Shadow Art

I'm constantly searching for art with a twist. Here's something interesting. Larry Kagan arranges objects in 3D space to create recognizable 2D shadows.


His personal website doesn't do his work justice but the link above shows his work in its best "light".

Check it out and let me know what you think


Experience the Artist's Underground: "Art Jam" - January 23rd 2010


Saturday January 23rd 2010
Begins: 7:00pm
Dress: Ultra Casual (i.e. wear old cloths just in case you sit in wet paint)
Contact me directly for location.

Experience the artist's underground. See fresh new artwork and ideas before anyone else. You'll discover a whole new world of art talk here. Professional artists bring their latest artwork and have a great time doing the things artists enjoy most.

- Artist's bring and show latest artwork ( or work in progress )
- Exchange ideas and inspiration
- Buy / Sell Art
- Swap / Trade with other artists
- Bring your laptops - we google everything!
- Play a CD/DVD of your latest music/video
- Show off your website on your portfolio - ipod/iphone
- Take photos, shoot video, draw something
- Dance, Draw, Ponder and take Photos
- Brainstorm ideas for your next project with a kindrid spirit
- Ask someone how they did something
- Meet someone new

- Uh ... we haven't figured that out yet so don't tempt us.

Although this is a private studio event, you are welcome to bring friends you trust. If we've forgotten anyone - let us know - these jams are not organized - they just happen.


Andrew Wyeth just passed away - painter of "Master Bedroom" and "Christina's World"

Artist Andrew Wyeth, 91 years old, passed away early this (Friday) morning in his home in Chadds Ford with his family at his side. Wyeth is best known for his American landscape paintings and farmhouses. My favorite of his works include the famous "Christina's World" and "Master Bedroom", a poetic statement about a dog's beloved place in a family because the pet looked so much like our yellow Labrador retriever when I was in high school.

A website of his work maintained by his wife Betsy James Andrew Wyeth

The full article / news story with more detail about his life.

Wyeth work is currently exhibiting in Japan. His wife was with him when he accepted a Gold Medal from the National Portrait Society at the 2006 conference in Dallas Texas (photo here).


Juried into DailyPainters.com today - sharing my thoughts.

This week, I was juried into another major daily painters group - dailypainters.com (THANK YOU) and thought this would be a good time to talk about my thoughts on the experience of painting every day. First, all artists have been encouraged by teachers to paint or draw every day for a good reason - it works! Creating daily is the best way to learn, practice, grow, stay fit, get bored with the same old thing and then challenge yourself with something new the next day.

Painting/drawing every day can't hurt you - it can only do you good. Right?

If you are thinking about becoming a "daily painter", here's another side of the "daily painting" blogging genre to consider: artists are expected to produce at least one finished work of art per day. Often, to meet these deadlines, the paintings are small (4"x4" is common) which also makes them charming and affordable. This activity of painting a large quantity of over 300 good, finished paintings a year naturally can take time away from other types of projects. Taking daily photos, posting on blogs, submitting a new product to ebay, responding to e-mails, shipping paintings and self advertising can turn this into a full time job. So, plenty of daily painters have advertised that they are "taking a break" to work on larger or more complex paintings.

Given some of the disadvantages, I decided to participate anyway by tailoring my approach with my style in mind (as every painter must). First, working to my advantage is the fact that I do go through intensely inspired periods of where I paint very quickly and finish many paintings a day. That yields other days to slow down and work on larger, more complex projects and still be able to share new artwork steadily. So, instead of promising to create one small or simple painting every day, I decided to commit myself to doing "something" every day and become comfortable letting people see my experiments and works in progress if I'm working on a larger painting for multiple days. Some may argue that this doesn't follow the strict definition of today's "daily painter" or "painting a day" genre. I guess I'm ok with that criticism. As an artist - I've never really cared about fitting any definition or strictly following the rules anyway.

I'm doing what I'm most passionate about and that is what makes any activity satisfying. Let's see how it goes.


Chelsea 32 Gallery - New York City

On Thursday, my art was accepted into Chelsea 32 Art Gallery in New York City. If you're in the area, please stop by between January 16th and February 16th to see my paintings hanging there - Including the "Red Dress" painting which is big hit with the purples in the background background and many shades of warm and cool reds. Although all of the color doesn't show up in my photographs, the gallery director said this was her favorite painting in person.


Gene Pool - and the coat of many pennies

Many artists e-mail me interesting finds for consideration on the Agile Arts blog. Here is a submission by avid Agile Arts reader Trisha Adams.


Apparently, the coat covered with pennies is too heavy to realistically wear but I personally find the grass suits and car more interesting anyway.
Thanks Trisha!


Oriental Rugs - A Wonderful Art Form

We have spent many hours researching oriental rugs and talking to experts in order to learn about this wonderful art form and select rugs for our home. Over time, I realized the analogy between selecting a one of a kind hand woven carpet and the way my clients select a one of kind oil painting from my portfolio. By looking at each rug the way we shop for art, we found it much easier to find the perfect oriental rugs for our needs. I have fond memories of living in an old victorian home with hardwood floors covered with red oriental carpets from the 1930's. The styles and colors (even the patina) have changed over time but the same principles that made those rugs beautiful still apply. Here's the Wiki page on oriental rugs if you are in the market or just want to learn more about this art form.


photo:Tabriz rug from Sotheby's


Robert Liberace Demo (FREE EVENT)

VAS is hosting their monthly meeting on Thursday, January 14th at 10am with a free demonstration by Robert Liberace...http://www.robertliberace.com/portraitsOil/gallery.htm

Free to the public. People with disabilities may have trouble getting into the center.

Vienna Art center
115 Pleasant St NW
Vienna, VA 22180



Daily Painter's Blog: http://triciaratliff.blogspot.com

I've been painting about 5-6 paintings a week and needed a place to share them - so I have started posting daily painting results on a daily painting blog. If you're curious and would like to see new paintings, here they are:

Many of the small 4x4 paintings have already been delivered to Applegate gallery in Vienna (with more to come) and I'm working on a group of larger paintings for upcoming exhibits in 2009. Please take a look, enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite.


Classes & Private Study with Tricia Ratliff

Opportunities to study with artist Tricia Ratliff -----
e-mail: triciasart@gmail.com

Private Lessons:
$40-$50/hour dependent upon location

Atelier Style Mentoring
Wednesdays 9:30am-12:30am
Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm
During these small, atelier style sessions, students are individually mentored through projects tailored for your personal artistic growth. Therefore, only 2-5 people are accepted into a group in order to assure that each person receives the same level of attention and mentoring as you would in a private lesson. This is a flexible week to week arrangement and students are not asked to make any long term commitment. Eventually, students are invited to use the well equipped studio *free* outside of class time for personal or class projects. (Special discount available for students who participate as pairs.)

Group Classes:
Drawing for Enjoyment:
January 13th - February 24th 2009
minimum enrollment: 8
maximum enrollment: 13
$187 (7 weeks)
Students learn to capture the dimension, light and strong shadow along objects that make them look real. Working through a series of classical and contemporary exercises, students of all experience levels can use this course to practice and improve their drawing skills.