Simple Taboret for Painters

Painters - Here's my design for a simple taboret that can straddle your easel. It has just enough space for a palette, a few brushes and cup of terpenoid. Total cost - $11 each. You can buy tray tables for less ... but the reason I like these is that they line up neatly, stack well and double as a wall of shelves.

22"x11"x1" (top)
20"x11"x1" (shelf)
22"x8"x1" (brace)
30"x11"x1" (sides)
2"x4"x11"(optional 2x4's at base of sides for stability)

Screw the top, sides, shelf and brace. We're making a few of these for my studio because they stack.

The shelf should be 10 inches above the floor.

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