Oriental Rugs - A Wonderful Art Form

We have spent many hours researching oriental rugs and talking to experts in order to learn about this wonderful art form and select rugs for our home. Over time, I realized the analogy between selecting a one of a kind hand woven carpet and the way my clients select a one of kind oil painting from my portfolio. By looking at each rug the way we shop for art, we found it much easier to find the perfect oriental rugs for our needs. I have fond memories of living in an old victorian home with hardwood floors covered with red oriental carpets from the 1930's. The styles and colors (even the patina) have changed over time but the same principles that made those rugs beautiful still apply. Here's the Wiki page on oriental rugs if you are in the market or just want to learn more about this art form.


photo:Tabriz rug from Sotheby's

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