Juried into DailyPainters.com today - sharing my thoughts.

This week, I was juried into another major daily painters group - dailypainters.com (THANK YOU) and thought this would be a good time to talk about my thoughts on the experience of painting every day. First, all artists have been encouraged by teachers to paint or draw every day for a good reason - it works! Creating daily is the best way to learn, practice, grow, stay fit, get bored with the same old thing and then challenge yourself with something new the next day.

Painting/drawing every day can't hurt you - it can only do you good. Right?

If you are thinking about becoming a "daily painter", here's another side of the "daily painting" blogging genre to consider: artists are expected to produce at least one finished work of art per day. Often, to meet these deadlines, the paintings are small (4"x4" is common) which also makes them charming and affordable. This activity of painting a large quantity of over 300 good, finished paintings a year naturally can take time away from other types of projects. Taking daily photos, posting on blogs, submitting a new product to ebay, responding to e-mails, shipping paintings and self advertising can turn this into a full time job. So, plenty of daily painters have advertised that they are "taking a break" to work on larger or more complex paintings.

Given some of the disadvantages, I decided to participate anyway by tailoring my approach with my style in mind (as every painter must). First, working to my advantage is the fact that I do go through intensely inspired periods of where I paint very quickly and finish many paintings a day. That yields other days to slow down and work on larger, more complex projects and still be able to share new artwork steadily. So, instead of promising to create one small or simple painting every day, I decided to commit myself to doing "something" every day and become comfortable letting people see my experiments and works in progress if I'm working on a larger painting for multiple days. Some may argue that this doesn't follow the strict definition of today's "daily painter" or "painting a day" genre. I guess I'm ok with that criticism. As an artist - I've never really cared about fitting any definition or strictly following the rules anyway.

I'm doing what I'm most passionate about and that is what makes any activity satisfying. Let's see how it goes.

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