Andrew Wyeth just passed away - painter of "Master Bedroom" and "Christina's World"

Artist Andrew Wyeth, 91 years old, passed away early this (Friday) morning in his home in Chadds Ford with his family at his side. Wyeth is best known for his American landscape paintings and farmhouses. My favorite of his works include the famous "Christina's World" and "Master Bedroom", a poetic statement about a dog's beloved place in a family because the pet looked so much like our yellow Labrador retriever when I was in high school.

A website of his work maintained by his wife Betsy James Andrew Wyeth

The full article / news story with more detail about his life.

Wyeth work is currently exhibiting in Japan. His wife was with him when he accepted a Gold Medal from the National Portrait Society at the 2006 conference in Dallas Texas (photo here).

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