What a weekend!

photo by Stan Schretter
Today, I'm up early enjoying the amazing weather we're having more than usual ... because such a perfectly clear, mild day is sure to lead to wonderful Plein Air paintings for the new ArtSpace Herndon Gallery.

Not mine ...

12 artists (like Pam Coulter Blehert pictured above) were Juried into the first annual Paint Herndon Plein Air Competition and have been outside all weekend creating artwork to be submitted TONIGHT!

When the new ArtSpace gallery doors re-open in the morning - a completely fresh exhibit of artwork, never been seen or displayed before will be revealed. Having seen the high quality "Preview Paintings" of these artists, we're just giddy with anticipation.

Trisha Adams - http://www.beekeepersgarden.bizland.com/
Loryn Brazier - http://www.lorynbrazier.com/
Pam Coulter - http://blehert.com/gallery/
David Diaz - http://artworksbydaviddiaz.com/gallery.php
Denise Dumont - http://www.denisedumont.com/
Mindy Flexer - http://www.mindyflexer.com/landscape
Michele Franz - http://myarcadia.8m.com/gallery/vascapes/indexpaint.html
Diane Johnson- http://www.ldianejohnson.com/
Jim Lamb - http://www.jimlambstudio.com/
Christine Lashley - http://lashleystudio.tripod.com/
Ned Mueller - http://www.nedmueller.com/
Morgan Samuel Price - http://www.morgansamuelprice.com/


Classical Atelier

For those Artists who live in or love to travel to California. This Atelier founded by Linda Dulaney has a pretty impressive lists of instructors teaching workshops:

Tony Ryder
Ted Seth Jacobs
Robert Liberace
Jon deMartin
Michael Grimaldi
Juliette Arstides
Paul McCormack
Dennis Cheaney
Darren Kingsley
Tara Keefe
Dan Thompson


Daily Painting in Progress (Plums and Family China)

Here is a recent painting in progress - and a corresponding ridiculously blurry photo of the real objects.


Accepted - Denied - Lemons - Lemonade.

An artist friend got a kick out something that happened with a recent painting so I'll share the news here.

I've started entering one competitive or Juried show each month because they are a nice way to get feedback.

This month, the only show available was a landscape exhibit. So, although I'm focusing on still life right now, I started painting a scene from Acama Sky City in New Mexico. First, I painted two small studies before starting the larger version - but the large painting wasn't dry in time for the show. So, I entered the two tiny studies. As I dropped them off, there was a wide range of work being submitted by hundreds of other artists. (694 other artists to be exact) I had realistic expectations that my early attempts at landscape would probably be denied but took a photo just in case.

Ultimately, both paintings didn't get accepted.

It turns out they weren't reviewed by the Juror because I had failed to frame them with required backing which was clearly outlined in the rules. C'est La Vie.

On the way back to my car, I ran an errand and placed the paintings down on a counter to go through my things. A very nice woman saw the paintings and asked if they were for sale - well, what do you know - they still had the entry tags with prices on the back - so, "Yes, they would you like to buy them?"

She bought one of them right there!

What a wonderful turn of events: The painting was sold without commission to a lovely woman who enjoyed it and we were able to meet each other in person. Perfect!


Collectors - Thank You.

I'm having a great week as an artist. Having returned from our latest New Mexico trip inspired, I've been painting and enjoying artistic activities. Last week, a collector called and decided to purchase five paintings. I was so pleased that he called directly because I'm not yet represented by a gallery and this is a unique period of my artistic career when I can build long term relationships with collectors who enjoy investing in the work of emerging artists.

As I considered how important YOU - my early collectors are, I realized that I should say thank you to you more often. Thank you for believing in me and the other artists you are following. It's immediately encouraging and inspiring every time you decide to take home a painting. It gives me a rush of artistic energy and motivation to create more work. So, if you've been purchasing my artwork, whether it's a miniature painting, a commission or a huge painting from a juried show - you can consider yourself an essential part of the artistic process.




Wow - ArtShow.com has really taken off. Are any of you using this to respond to "calls for artists" or other events?


Realist Cathy Lamb

I recently encountered this artist. She only has a few paintings posted on her website but I think the cheeses have personality and the glazed donuts make me hungry.

Cathy Lamb

I'm blogging the link here because I not only use this blog to share new info with all of you, my art loving peers but also to help me find useful items later.


Plein Air Painters

Painting: Desert Spring by Ned Mueller

When I was in California in the 90's, I loved the way California artists captured the wonderful light out there - particularly the Plein Air Landscape painters. While organizing the Paint Herndon competition, I've been researching great landscape artists across America. Wow - there are so many.

Here are a few for your enjoyment:


Ron Rencher
Diane Johnson
Denise Dumont
Trisha Adams

The painting above is by Ned Meuller


My Painting at the "Something Hot" Exhibit Gallery 222

Please visit my new "Guac & Salsa Ingredients" painting at Gallery 222 in Leesburg. You can't miss it - it's straight ahead when you walk in the front door.

Address: 222 South King Street, Leesburg VA

I look forward to hearing what you think of the show. I found some of the brightly colored still life paintings inspiring and have been painting again today.


Collectors List of Galleries

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been away so long. We had a great trip and I'll share more about that in future posts - there was so much to see that I can't even begin to organize it.

Until then, here's an old list of Virginia Galleries. Some of these have closed but the list of links is useful anyway.


Two Galleries that are missing from the above list:

Ayr Hill Gallery, Vienna VA
ArtSpace, Herndon VA