The May 5th 2008 posts on this blog just happen to be an great series of photos of beautiful embassy architecture in DC. Enjoy.



Today's New Painting

Here's a photo of my latest painting. I just love this bright onion Kurt brought into the studio. Particularly in front of the clay pot ... it reminds me of a bowl of onion soup. It's a little 8x10 study.

Also - for those who subscribe to my e-mails about art exhibits: yesterday, I heard some good news that my painting of "Little Nest" was given a high profile spot at the exhibit and was gone a few minutes later. This weekend, I'll be visiting the show again to hear final results about which paintings are sold.


Music & Art

Music can stimulate creativity when painting or be a distraction when our favorite radio station is having a heavy "talk" day.

Here's an alternative I am currently trying.


The website asks you to enter the names of artists you like and then instantly starts playing music in that genre without interruption. If you start to hear songs that you really like or don't like, you can give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". Within a few sounds, the site learns what you like or don't like and adjusts to your tastes.

I'm finding it to be great studio music because there is no CD to change, I don't have to be my own DJ and it's commercial/talk free.

It took less than 8 seconds to set up and start listening. 30 minutes later, I realized I had spontaneously set up 5 channels for my different music moods.

Try it and let me know what you think.
Oh ... it's also free.


Jeff Hayes - Active Blogger - Beautiful Paintings

Jeff Hayes is often mentioned in my circle of artist friends as someone who has done a very successful job of continuously improving his work and making it immediately available to interested clients on the web. He offers his paintings on e-bay as well. He is an example of the way our internet generation of painters use the net to communicate with each other and our buyers.

Jeff is a self taught painter living in the Boston Mass. area and the wonderful progression of his work can be viewed on his blog