New Street Art - plastic bag subway wind animals in NYC

Random street artists always challenge my assumptions. Here are the plastic bag subway wind sculptures by Joshua Allen Harris. These just started going around the internet. You've just got to watch the videos to see just how funny these are.


Inspiration from other artists: Carol Marine

As some of you know ... I'm currently passionate about classical realism (and contemporary realism). That said, I've always loved paintings that have a fresh feeling and communicate something with open brush strokes. So, it was inspiring this morning to encounter this painter's blog. Her compositions are simple and balanced while the objects are constructive and ring "true" without requiring a lot of detail.


Carol Marine's Website:



Through the Desert Documentary

Between paintings, I've been traveling with Walter while he works on his latest documentary. Here's a link to the website for the documentary he's producing about the Great Mennonite Trek through Central Asia. It's called "Through the Desert" and the international debut is coming this fall along with articles in Mennonite Life magazine.


While his previous documentary was well funded, this one is being developed on a shoestring budget with the help of many donors because he's so passionate about the subject. One of the many interesting things about the story is that this Christian group was seeking religious freedom and found that freedom under a Muslim ruler.

Helping with the documentary has been fun and very educational. It has also given me greater respect for the work my husband does.

Click the link above to learn more about it.


Thank you !

Tonight's entry is a THANK YOU to all of the following artists, art managers and organizations for sharing your insights over the phone. These artists contributed ideas and opinions about how to manage art related events and fundraisers.

Jess Cohen (Photographer, scientist and founder of ArtDC.org): www.artdc.org
Henry Wingate (Classical Realist): www.henrywingate.com
Steven Heward (Plein Air Artist): http://stevenheward.com/
Jack Warden (Riverbend Artist in Residence): http://www.Jackwardenart.com/
Andy Higgins: (Reston / Herndon Realtor) www.higginshomesales.com
Armand Cabrera (Plein Air Artist): http://www.armandcabrera.com/
Jonathon Linton (Classical Realist): http://www.jonathanlinton.com/
Nancy Wallace (Plein Air Artist): http://www.nancygallery.com/
Vicky Blum (Classical Realist): http://www.vickiblum.com/
Nancy Tankersley (Artist/Manager-Plein Air Easton):

Copley Society: Fresh Paint Auction
Juanita Avila: Local Artist
Andrew & Beth Miller (Designer & Writer): www.rendered.net

Thank you also to the many art managers and artists who shared anonymous input about fundraising events for our area. Your websites are published here both for others to see now and to have them easily available when I tell people about you in the future.

Bits of inspiration

Looking for something unusual to get you thinking and inspire new ideas? These links were contributed by Zenon Slawinski and Walter Ratliff and Theresa McCarthy

Kathleen Dustin's unusual evening bags:

Amazing Russian Cakes

Explore your own Jackson Pollock

Music Videos (click on the world "reel" in the lower left corner


Little People in London

In addition to posting my work, I'll post links to other artwork that is really unique or cool so that I/we can easily find it later. Here's an example - check out this great series of "Little People" in London. The author posted another photo in the series yesterday. Great Stuff ! 


Some of these are pretty hilarious. Which one is your favorite? 


New painting

This is one of my recent paintings called "little pumpkin with his coat and arms". Here he is, a little orange squash wrapped in a bright, pretty  cabbage leaf. He's sweet but also protecting himself.

Historically, weapons were carried and hidden under coats. This painting refers to the symbolic gesture of putting down your "guard" by removing one's coat and hat (and  shoes in many cultures) when entering a friend's home. This gesture would communicate that you are among friends, have nothing to hide and show respect to your host. ( The historic gesture of clinking glasses during a toast comes from a similar background. Diners would purposely hit their cups together hard enough to splash drink from one to the other before taking the first draw. Thus ensuring none of the cups were poisoned. Today, for example it's still considered polite to wait until after the initial toast to take your first sip of champaign or wine. ) I think of this little pumpkin as a new guest who isn't ready to let down his guard - he's vulnerable and kind of dangling out there socially because he's not sure of his new surroundings. He has just entered the room. So, the spotlight is on him ... he means no harm but takes a moment to adjust before letting his guard down. 

Art Resources

Some area art resources I find useful for information about local events, calls for artists or studio space etc. For now ... these are just long lists for my own organization/memory ... basically, I'm using the first group of blogs just to capture some useful links. 


Places for Artists to Study and connect in the DC Metro Area

There are so many places for an artist to study and connect in the DC metro area. I'll capture some of the links here for easy reference. If you think I've missed an important one, e-mail me or sign up for this blog to post a comment.

www.loudounacademy.org (I've taken Kurt Schwarz's class multiple times in 2007)

artdc.org (a forum and location to connect with artists on-line) 

www.winterpalacestudio.com (Study under Natasha Mokina & Victor Pakhomkin) 
www.corcoran.org (I haven't taken classes here) 

ARC Website

Among other activities, I'm an avid painter and often find this website useful when researching classical artists. 

Blog Zero - Hello World

Hello World, 

This is entry Zero of my weblogging attempt to capture the interesting, useful or even forgettable websites, ideas and inspirations I find. Frankly, I lose track of a lot of random items I find on the web and hope this will help me keep them if not organize them.