TOP 5 Artist Blogs

I love to visit artist blogs - they are a great way to learn, see what others are sharing, find great paintings for our home and enjoy fresh artwork. I think of blogs as a simple art movement. Just as the invention of the box easel and tube paints changed painting by making plein air sketching popular - I think blogging has made quality, miniature, original fine art available to everyone. But, that's only one impact. Blogs are also a sincere way to share our "favorite" discoveries with friends who enjoy art. There are so many - it's hard to keep track. So, I've selected different kinds of blogs that I enjoy visiting and find most useful. 

Favorite: TOP 5 Artist Blogs

Little People Blogspot (consistently brilliant ... on street level)  
Jeff Hayes (In addition to buying his artwork, you can easily reach about 50 other great blogs) 
Katherine Tyyrell's Making a Mark (Art news and support for pastel, drawing, pen&ink artists) 

And, a new blog I just learned about today: 
Art News Blog (Unusual, educational and possibly food for thought) 

Feel free to reply with a comment on your favorite art/artist blog - I'm interested!