Study with Vicki Blum!

Opportunity to Study with VICKI BLUM!

Taught by Artist Vicki Blum
7 weeks, Thursdays 7pm-10pm
ArtSpace Herndon
Starting January 22nd – March 12, 2009
(no class February 19, 2009)

Class Description: Learn classical methods of painting. Work will be done from your photos or a still life set-up. This class will focus on how to begin and finish a painting. Starting with toning the canvas and drawing your subject, students move quickly into painting thick alla prima layers of light and shadow colors. This will be followed with refinements to value and color in a series of thick and thin glazes. Come ready to paint your favorite person, place or still life. Recommended for beginning and intermediate painters who want to improve the realistic appearance of their work. $187

Location: ArtSpace Classroom 1 @ 750 Center Street, Herndon VA 20170

To register: Contact Vicki Blum at 703-618 6070 or email her at

Visit Vicki’s website, and

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