Margaret Bowland "Murakami Wedding"

Upon entering Klaudia Marr gallery, this detail of a painting and the others by Margaret Bowland (website) with it drew my attention. Immediately, I connected with the investigation of our ideas about women, femininity, beauty and other themes. In particular the obvious idea of the bride in a white dress uncovered in white makeup ... a play on the elizabethan/victorian holdover was illustrated so objectively as something the viewer might reconsider. But, that's only a superficial glance - There is obviously so much more!

Noting the complexity of deeper themes, I went home and looked up Margaret's artist statement here and found more detail.

Painting by Margaret Bowland, Murakami Wedding, 2008

One of the reasons I enjoy these paintings is that they don't attempt to demonize society but instead seem like an attempt at objectivity. While the artists own feelings are captured in these stories, they ask us to face our own assumptions in full view without judgement.

The images are so engaging that I found myself lost in study of the paintings on her website 4 or 5 times while attempting to write this post. I even struggle with calling them paintings because I'm experiencing them as stories.

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