Classes & Private Study with Tricia Ratliff

Opportunities to study with artist Tricia Ratliff -----
e-mail: triciasart@gmail.com

Private Lessons:
$40-$50/hour dependent upon location

Atelier Style Mentoring
Wednesdays 9:30am-12:30am
Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm
During these small, atelier style sessions, students are individually mentored through projects tailored for your personal artistic growth. Therefore, only 2-5 people are accepted into a group in order to assure that each person receives the same level of attention and mentoring as you would in a private lesson. This is a flexible week to week arrangement and students are not asked to make any long term commitment. Eventually, students are invited to use the well equipped studio *free* outside of class time for personal or class projects. (Special discount available for students who participate as pairs.)

Group Classes:
Drawing for Enjoyment:
January 13th - February 24th 2009
minimum enrollment: 8
maximum enrollment: 13
$187 (7 weeks)
Students learn to capture the dimension, light and strong shadow along objects that make them look real. Working through a series of classical and contemporary exercises, students of all experience levels can use this course to practice and improve their drawing skills.